I found the panelists to be extremely knowledgeable. Their hands on approach was great!”  Mary Jane Netek (Making the Media Work for You) panel at expo

 “This seminar has rekindled my dream and passion of becoming a successful actor.” David Chavez (Actors Guide to Getting Cast)

Panelists share a laugh

Sarah Gish and Rob McKinnon share a laugh

Couldn’t have been better! Clear and significant. A most informative presentation. Excellent professional level information!”  Rob McKinnon (Screenwriting Seminar)

WOW! Information overload. So much information. I believe I’m ready to put my hands to the keyboard and start editing.”  Steve W. Hall, Jr. (Final Cut Pro Demonstration)

“10”  Gordon S. Williams (Actors Guide to Getting Cast)


It was great!” – Laurie W. Ware (Music for Movies)

A job well done. Congratulations…”  Atty., Mary Jane Hancock

Expo Audience

This was my first time with the expo and I was very impressed with the event.” Jim Livesey,  MicroSearch

FET Registration2


You really did great! Thanks for including me!”  Dina Wilks Halliwell,  Screenwriter

“...You really made a good choice with the acting panel with the range of experience…”  Marcus Freeman, Actor

Thank you for your hard work in putting the expo together. The sessions I attended were all crowded and the speakers were great!..”  Jeff Evans, Roeder & Moon, Inc.